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The 22nd Annual Tom King Classic 3/05/16


Registration for the 2016 event is now open.

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Here's some exciting news for a fantastic additional opportunity this year:

Olympian Jeff Galloway is offering a "virtual version" of his 2015 Atlanta JG13.1
Register for Jeff's Virtual 13.1
The price is $49 and all registrants will receive an official long sleeved technical shirt and official medal! 
Send in the results of your Finish at the 22nd Annual Gupton Jeep Tom King Classic 1/2 Marathon

Jeff and staff will send you the medal and shirt.

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TKC 2015


Check out the race experience:

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About Tom King:

Tom King was one of the founding members of the Nashville Striders Club when, in 1970, a group of local runners organized and adopted that name for its 17 members. Tom King was identified as the President. It would then be five years later in 1975 that the name of Nashville Striders was formally adopted. Tom King had continued to serve as Club President until passing the baton in 1977.

Tom continued to serve on the Board and as an active volunteer as the Striders continue to grow and play a significant role in the running community.

The Nashville Striders Board decided to honor Tom for his role in establishing the Club. The Inaugural Tom King Classic was held in 1995 and staged in Percy Warner Park as a Half -Marathon. In 2001, the event was moved to LP Field [then Adelphia Coliseum] and also added a 5K.

Ken Gupton, owner of Gupton Auto Dodge, Chrysler & Jeep, became the presenting sponsor of the event in 2005. With his support, we have been able to elevate the experience for the thousands of participants that have taken part in our Club's annual signature event.

Tom King will again be among the participants. You will be able to spot him in the crowd as he wears his custom shirt that reads: I am Tom King